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For every loaf of bread donated to the community, Great Harvest Bread Taylorsville will match a loaf.

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Great Harvest Bread Taylorsville is your whole grain breads bakery in Taylorsville, Utah. From milling our own wheat daily in our bakery to creating beautiful Taylorsville gift baskets , our passion for phenomenal baked goods is the reason for everything we do. Come by our Taylorsville bakery soon for a free slice of fresh bread! Enjoy the enticing aroma and warm surroundings of your Taylorsville local bakery!

The secret to making phenomenal bread is in the wheat kernels. We know where every kernel comes from. That's because we have been purchasing our premium whole wheat from family-owned farms for more than 30 years.

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Our Secret

5 Simple Ingredients

Five ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads. Fresh-ground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and something sweet (usually a local honey). At Great Harvest Bread Taylorsville, we believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste and feel the difference in our baked goods Taylorsville .

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We are baking fresh bread daily. Now is a good time to stock up. Our bread freezes well! Double bag your bread and wait 24 hours after baking to freeze.


We are still making all your favorite soups, salads and sandwiches. Call ahead and we'll have it ready when you arrive.


Our bakery breakfast catering arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season. Try Great Harvest Bread Utah, for your next breakfast catering event!


Our Great Harvest Bread Utah bakery offers the perfect alternative to fast food with our delicious breads and fresh salads made daily!


Nothing brightens your day like a giant cinnamon roll or a double fudge brownie! We're still baking all your favorite sweet treats.


Every season we offer a few fun treats to help create tradition with your family and friends. Any of these items can be made at any time during the year with a minimum order of 6 and at least 48 hours advanced notice.

What Our Customers Say

  • Less of a selection than I hoped for but the Asiago Sourdough turned out to be killer!
    Park VanderVeur 07/31/22 — google
  • Best sandwich I've bought from any restaurant ever! I'd recommend if you like spicy sandwiches get the Hawaiian sandwich! 10/10 would buy 20 of those again in one sitting. They have legendarily good bread. It's all baked there and it's fresh!
    Derek Ely 06/14/22 — google
  • Good Service Good Bread. Will definitely come here again.
    Carol Lopez 06/10/22 — google
  • They have great baked goods
    Clyde Kofoed 05/1/22 — google
    MaryAnn Cervantes 05/1/22 — google
  • Good bread here
    Joan Petersen Rond 05/1/22 — google
  • Delightful, friendly service! Delicious food! Turkey cob was fabulous. You guys are great, thank you for a wonderful overall experience!!! - “Batman” :)
    Jason Jacobs 04/25/22 — google
  • Pan super nutritivo y muy rico. Hay que ir temprano porque se agotan
    Lourdes Marques 04/12/22 — google
  • Prices are to high
    kim ardito 04/7/22 — google
  • I love it here! The employees are so kind they always seem to go above and beyond ❤️
    Zoey May 03/30/22 — google
  • Fast service the food was pretty good.
    Richard Stock 03/29/22 — google
  • Love this bakery
    Sérgio Ribeiro 03/28/22 — google
    Ryan MacArt 03/24/22 — google
  • Love all of the locations I have been to. Love the Cinnaburst bread as well as the Cinnamon Raisin Bread! The Sweet Breads are great too!
    Tony Iverson 03/20/22 — google
  • Great sandwiches, tasty bread, great customer service!!
    Juan C Deliote Jr 03/14/22 — google
  • Great Bakery! Best honey whole wheat bread, sugars cookies and brownies in Utah. This review is for the Taylorsville location.
    cherie Garcia 02/15/22 — google
  • Great food. Great staff.
    Riley Carroll 01/31/22 — google
  • I absolutely love this place a bit pricey so only go once in a whole but the short bread cookies, asiogo bread, and cinnamon bread absolutely amazing
    Amber bateman 01/21/22 — google
  • Try their Cinnamon Chip bread- they have a special mix that includes wheat made for the U.
    Andrea Frost 01/18/22 — google
  • Always a great experience at Great Harvest. Great stag and an excellent high quality product.
    Bryan Colemere 01/17/22 — google